Miragraph/Crystal/Timewave charts in April 2011

WKK Summit in Reigate, February 22nd, 2011: Dr. Gustav-Hans Weber, Matthew (Matthias) Koziol, Eckhard Kantz

Dr. Gustav Hans Weber's "Miragraph"

Matthew Koziol's Crystal "Matthias"

Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Kantz's website "WegaLink"

Timewave research 2007 - 2009 "Timewaves"

"Miragraph" manufactured by Dr. Gustav Hans Weber (electromagnetic shielding added 2010-03-26)


The system's components are described on the Timewave measurement system site.

Previous charts:

The following charts summarize the measurement data that was generated in April 2011:

Please click on a chart in order to hear a sound representing measurement values (accellerated 129x)

Created: 2010-03-14 by Eckhard Kantz